It is hard to believe that only 26 years ago, 6th August 1991 to be exact, the world wide web went live to the world and became publicly available.

A lot has happened since then, not least the advances of mobile technology. So the challenge for us in real estate is to imagine what the next 26 years will bring.


How will this PropTech help us to operate and use our buildings more effectively and in a sustainable way?


The above question represents our key focus for our 2018 Symposium agenda.  We are delighted to be joined on the 12th April by a number of PropTech organisations who are driving positive disruption in the commercial real estate industry.  Delegates will have the opportunity to hear about the very latest developments in PropTech, and how these innovations are shaping the future of our industry.  

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We are delighted to introduce you to the 40 Percent Symposium Disruptors...


LOOP is a circular economy marketplace helping  organisations across the built environment create social, environmental and economic benefit by finding new users for materials and equipment  that are being underutilised or would otherwise be processed as waste.


As an internationally award-winning Master Systems Integrator, Vanti create tailor-made technology and digital experiences that help you grow your business, become more productive and save money.




Retrofitting buildings to make them smart, comfortable and energy efficient can be easy to implement – no fuss, no hassle.  LightFi is the IoT technology that will enable you to make your building smart in the digitalisation age.


Using high-resolution energy data and machine-learning techniques, SmartB offer you exceptional transparency in your consumption distribution. Through the combination of big data analysis and intuitive visualization they have become leaders in the field.


E Learning Studios offers a portfolio of learning technology design and development services including Virtual Reality (VR) Training, eLearning, Mobile Learning, Gameful eLearning Design, Apps, Augmented Reality (AR), Serious Games and blended solutions.

The gap between human demand and available ecological life support expands with the expansion of human settlement. Botanic Horizon – BoHo - has the goal to close that gap and give the chance for humans to use their ability of creating vertical living spaces for expanding a healthy life supporting ecological system. 


EVANA identifies the type and the content of documents by artificial intelligence, so that a large number of documents can be selected in short time. A very high data quality is reached by the intelligent system – time and costs are saved. 



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To register your place for the 12th April, please click here.